Wash & Fold

Drop your laundry off at the coin laundry or call to schedule a pick up today. Our wash & fold service provides convenience for our customers who simply can’t bother or don’t have the time to do the laundry.

We take care of everything, from start to finish. We provide all detergent and other products used to complete your laundry. We also provide eco-friendly alternatives and hypoallergenic detergents carefully crafted for the health of your family.

Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied.

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On Site
Clothes 99₵ / lb
Stuffed Comforters $13.95
Down-filled Comforters $18.95
Pick Up/Dropoff
Clothes $1.39/lb
(minimum 20 lbs)
Stuffed Comforters $15.95
(minimum 2 per order if no clothes)
Down-filled Comforters $20.95
(minimum 2 per order if no clothes)


* Pick Up/Dropoff Days: MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY; 9AM to 1PM.